6 talented artists for "Destiny of a postcard"

Matylda Konecka is an artist from Wrocław (Poland), born into an established and respected family of artists (Beata Kornicka- Konecka, Janusz Konecki). She has had a number of individual and group exhibitions throughout Europe. Moving to England in 2010 she set up her art studio in a 19th century Victorian vicarage, specializing in illustration, painting and graphic design. Her work is currently for sale through 'Edinburgh Arts' publishers in selected Scottish galleries.
Toni Demuro was born in Sardinia in the spring of 1974. In 1997 he graduated from Sassari’s Academy of Fine Arts with a major in painting. After completing his studies Toni has been working as a creative in the field of visual arts and design. He won the prize “Acquaviva nei Fumetti” in 1996 and has collaborated as an illustrator with Legambiente. Toni’s work has been published by many important editors and magazines, among which: Vanity Fair, Carlo Spera Editore, Eli Edizioni, La Peste (Mexico) and Manifesto (Greece). In 2012 Toni held a personal exhibition in Cagliari where he displayed a series of illustrations named “Trees”. He is currently living near Sassari, in Sardinia.
Denis Dubois  is a photographer based in Granville (France) and he defines himself as an "images handmaker". He just let free his imagination creating collages from ancient prints. In his own way, through poetic and satirical visions, he walks in the paths of the surrealists. As Prevert and Magritte did previously, Denis matches up words and images in a very peculiar world which looks like a daydream.
Finaly and because nobody's never perfectly perfect, he concedes that the Yellow Pages are his favorite reading and also that he is loves a cult movie called The attack of the giant mousaka.
Florianne Vuillamy is a young painter graduated of Valence (France) Academy of Fine Arts where she studied for 4 years. By now she's living and working in Lyon, this city inspires mainly her artworks. Her visual artwork tells us about urban atmosphere, links between painting and new medias and also about the fragility of the human being facing his environment. She is very sensitive to the poetry of a city. Florianne held several personal exhibitions as well as in arts festivals. Since June 2013, this promising artist is part of the "Creation market place of Lyon".
Tarmasz said it  by herself. I was born during a terrible full moon night in the year 1991. Educated at home, I met school at only 13 years old and then promised to myself that I will stay there the shortest time possible.
Ending the high school I failed to join the most prestigious arts academies. So my promise was kept and that push me on to take a personal and endless revenge. Now at 21 years old, after some times in an art academy specialized in illustration, I started up a freelance career in illustration and tattooing.
By now, the world looks wide opened to me.
Shyle Zalewski was born the 11th of March in the suburb, Shyle is altogether a comic book artist and a musician. He created the micropress and record label Pantypop. Quick and cronographic visit of Shyle: Art Academy to forget - a Blog - "Les petites déviances" first comic book - green hair – "The White Album" with Edam Edam, a sort of pop music band – "Zed", a first short film.
And what for soon? There is Wailde Tchipp Thyngz, an all-in-one project of Comic+Music+Video.

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